Seminars and Webinars

Energywiz, Inc., offers three unique online courses unavailable elsewhere. Offered through the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), the live webinars are provided through a secure Internet connection and a toll-free telephone number. Animated slides appear on your computer screen, while Lindsay Audin converses with you. A full set of the slides may be downloaded in advance or during the class, and a recording of the event is available for review for two weeks after the end of the class. Lindsay Audin teaches these subjects:

• Buying Power in Competitive Retail Markets

• Smart Metering, Load Profiling, and Demand Response

• Understanding and Profiting From Electricity Tariffs

Course schedules, registration, and other details to be determined.

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Course Descriptions

Buying Power in Competitive Retail Markets will show you how to buy electricity from non-utility suppliers. In this 6-hour seminar (2 hours each on three consecutive days) Lindsay walks you through:

  • how the electricity supply industry has changed, and is changing
  • preparing your facility to buy power, both the first time and after
  • what you can do to affect the price you pay
  • analyzing power contracts and avoiding their pitfalls
  • finding and qualifying acceptable bidders
  • assembling a power RFI/RFP
  • handling competitive bids and auctions
  • finding and choosing a consultant to help you
  • ways to take full advantage of this process.

Smart Metering, 3D Load Profiling, and Demand Response addresses how to understand, control, and profit from the way a facility uses power hour-to-hour. In this 6-hour seminar (2 hours each on 3 consecutive days), Lindsay Audin covers techniques for:

  • understanding and portraying basic load shapes
  • securing and configuring smart (i.e., interval) meter data
  • using interval data to analyze customer energy loads
  • basics of setting up customer-owned interval metering
  • converting data from utilities and meters into Excel-compatible arrays
  • charting loads in three dimensions to better understand and control them
  • creating and employing Load Duration Curves to set peak demand limits
  • participating in demand response programs
  • finding and qualifying demand response providers
  • evaluating demand response provider contracts.

Excel macros and charting templates are provided to all attendees.

Understanding and Profiting From Electricity Tariffs is a 4-hour seminar (2 hours each on two consecutive days) that provides information and processes for making the arcane world of utility tariffs work for you. Lindsay Audin reviews strategies you can use to minimize regulated energy pricing, to convert tariff language into plain English, and to cut costs through technical, financial, and procedural means. Among the many issues that are addressed, participants will learn how:

  • tariffs are written and by whom
  • to dissect an electric bill and its various charges
  • usage patterns impact cost
  • smart metering is impacting power pricing
  • to find and benefit from rate options
  • operational and financial methods can cut costs
  • to evaluate and pursue experimental/special rates
  • to play 'hardball' with your utility
  • to use the ratemaking process the way the "big boys do"
  • to find/use professional rate consultants.


Energywiz's Interval Data Analysis Tools in Microsoft Excel© format

Energywiz Inc. developed a suite of Excel-based tools that use interval data from smart meters to graphically portray and analyze such information in 3D. Doing so helps find and control spikes in electric demand, cut wasteful power consumption, and participate in lucrative demand response programs.

The tools may be downloaded below. Note that each is password-protected within Excel. To return to this page after downloading file, use the back button in your browser.





These documents are available to anyone:


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