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We Help Our Clients Become Pro-Active On Energy

Energy costs keep rising—but we can show you new ways to cut and control them. We have saved millions of dollars for our clients which include large end users (i.e., those spending at least $1 million a year on energy), governments, trade groups, energy suppliers, energy service companies, and other consultants.

We assemble the best deals for securing energy and cost-effective efficiency opportunities while protecting our clients from the many questionable and incompetent practitioners in the energy services field. Energywiz "has your back": unlike many others in this business, we are unbeholden to any supplier, vendor, or agency.

We help you navigate competitive energy markets, choose the best supply and efficiency options, and avoid the many pitfalls in the changing energy landscape.

To help you understand and (if you desire) tackle such issues on your own, we offer unique training courses in power procurement, high level energy analysis, and ways to make energy regulations work for you.

Our team includes experienced engineers, analysts, energy auditors, and others, all working under the guidance of our award-winning president, Lindsay Audin.